About Us

WestBridge is an independent private equity house that invests in UK small cap buyouts and lower mid-market companies.

We are currently investing our second fund, WestBridge II, which comprises over £140m of committed capital and earmarked co-investment monies.

We invest between £10 million and £25 million in profitable, successful and fast-growing companies. Typically, these companies will have enterprise values of between £15 million and £50 million and profits of £2 million to £5 million.

We work proactively in partnership with managers to support and accelerate business growth, whether organically, through acquisition or a combination of the two.

We bring a comprehensive range of skills and proven structure and process to support value creation activities, “the WestBridge Way”, and work proactively with a number of operating partners and consultants to support business development objectives.

Our investors include British Business Investments, European Investment Fund, South Yorkshire Pension Authority, West Yorkshire Pension Authority, Kempen, Tribus Capital Partners and a number of family offices and industrialist high net worth investors.

The Senior management team all have a passion for investing in and supporting management to grow lower mid-market companies, and each has invested significant amounts in WestBridge managed funds.